The team at SD Nanosciences consists of its founders and a cadre of experienced research and corporate managers.

Dr. Philip DeShong, President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. DeShong is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland. During the course of his 35+ year career as an independent research scientist his research has focused on synthesis of biologically active compounds, inlcuding the preparation and characterization of functionalized mesoscale materials.  Dr. DeShong has published > 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts and has 8 patents or patents pending.   He is co-inventor of the catanionic vesicle technology that is being developed by SD Nanosciences.  

Dr. Daniel C. Stein, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Stein is a Professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland.  He has spent the past 38 years studying various aspects of bacterial biology, defining basic genetic processes related to bacterial pathogenesis.   Dr. Stein has significant entrepreneurial experience, with 19 inventions, 2 patents and 5 patents pending. He is co-inventor of the catanionic vesicle technology that is being developed by SD Nanosciences.

James Davis, Chief Financial Officer

Jim Davis has >20 years experience as a senior executive (CFO and COO) in rapidly growing companies, including BlueWater Funding LLC, Create Hope, Inc., Gigamedia Access Corporation, Market Foresite, Inc., Retrieval Technologies, Inc., Disclosure, Inc., and Price Waterhouse.

Dr. Joseph Villafranca, Chair of Board of Directors

Dr. Villafranca has 40+ years experience in all phases of development of therapeutically important drugs.  He has experience building organizations, achieving company focus through optimal project, resource and portfolio management, transforming technology-based companies into drug development companies, integrating business and science objectives, identifying capital and market opportunities to leverage company strengths, and establishing and managing budgets including supply chain for manufacturing.  He has served as Senior Vice President – Life Sciences, Business Development at Tunnell Consulting; President of Biopharmaceutical Consultants, LLC, Exec. Vice President, Neose Technologies, Inc., and Vice President, Biologics Strategy and Biopharmaceutical Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb.   In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of SD Nano, Dr. Villafranca serves on the Board of Director of Immunogen, Inc.; he has previously served on the Board of Directors and Tunnell Consulting and Anima, Inc.  Dr. Villafranca is a past member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Keck Graduate Institute/The Claremont Colleges.